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Dump Truck Services

Do you need a large loads of mulch, rock or dirt delivered to your home or jobsite in the Canyon Lake, Texas area? Did you have a new pool installed and don’t know what to do with the dirt? Are you a contractor planning a major construction or renovation project that will require land moving services?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, HEC Express is available as a dump truck for hire. Our dump truck is available for hire at hourly rates to help haul and transport dirt or other materials to, from, or around your worksite.

We can carry up to 22 yards per truckload, so you can be sure that we have the amount you need when you need it. Call us today for your free estimate at 830-237-9251! We have staff on standby waiting to take your call.
HEC Express delivers various types of sands and soils for your landscaping project. We deliver large loads and also welcome the public to come in and pick up small quantities for that flower bed or garden project.
Rock 1600 (1)

Rock Hauling

3/4″ washed round natural rock. Great for drainage, Dog runs and low cost decorative applications. Pea Gravel does not compact. Don’t use for Driveways. Use weed fabric under the rock to stop weeds from growing through the rock
10mm (3/8″) Tanned/Golden Washed Rock is a beautiful blend of tans and grays, best used as a decorative accent around trees or along walkways. 20mm Washed Rock is a natural rock that is grey in color, used for landscaping.
Haul Off (1)
We will remove all types of debris and construction materiel from your property. No matter the debris type we cal remove it from your property or job site fast and affordably. Give is a call our team today for more details.
Roadbase is the product to use whenever you need a flat, hard surface. It must be applied at least 100mm thick for it to work successfully. If you have to go deeper than 300mm we suggest you compact in layers to really achieve a hard surface.
Septic Rock (1)

Septic Rock Hauling

Septic Rock can be used for septic systems, lateral lines, and decorative landscaping features. It can be used for erosion control, French Drains along the foundation of a house or an accent to flower bed edges.
Asphalt millings contain approximately five to seven percent asphalt, which is used as a binder for the quarry materials (stone, rock, sand, silt) that make up the load-bearing portion of a bituminous concrete surface.
Slag (1)
Need a large load of slag hauled, no problem we will delivery slag to your job site. Our team has been working with and hauling slag in Canyon Lake Texas area Texas since 2014. Give us a call today to learn more.

Derived from trees native to North Texas, like hickory, ash, elm, pecan, mesquite and oak; helps conserve moisture around plants and serves as a barrier to weed growth.

Black Gold Sifted Compost (1) (1)

Organic Compost

HEC Express offers Organic Compost consists of 100% natural soil amendments, including: manure, decayed wood and decayed leaves.

Gardening Mulch Topsoil 640 (1) (1)

Topsoil Fill Dirt

Top quality Sandy Loam Topsoil, rural based soil with varying percentages of Sand, Silt and Clay. Tested for over 160 difference chemicals and contaminants to give you the best growing medium possible.

H.E.C. Express

Tandem Trucks Texas

Need land supplies.  H.E.C. Express has got you covered, call us today to schedule an appointment. 

Tandem Truck Services Canyon Lake Texas

Dependable and reliable dirt trucking company serving the greater Canyon Lake Texas area since 2014 with of quality services and safety standards.
Now serving throughout Canyon Lake Texas and all surrounding counties areas.

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Dump Trucks- Tandem Truck Services

As a leading hauling company in the Canyon Lake Texas area, we are available to supply and deliver a variety of materials used commonly in landscaping or construction projects. Whether you are a residential customer working on a landscaping project in your own backyard or you are a contractor developing a large plot of land, our dump truck service can help.

When you need material delivered, transported, or hauled away, call HEC Express. We will send an experienced driver to your site with the skill and experience to operate the truck and meet your needs.

Why is H.E.C. Express the best choice for you?

From demolition to cleanup, find everything you need to complete your construction project with HEC Express Dump Truck Hauling of Canyon Lake, Texas. Our professionals offer specialized dump-truck hauling services for the lowest prices in the city. Utilizing our own streamlined trailers, we transport raw building materials, clear land, and even demolish building sites for one-stop, comprehensive service.

Great results are what matter most and when it comes to land clearing and forest thinning, we take pride in providing professional, cost-effective services. We’re fully insured and posses an excellent safety record.
Our specialized, advanced- equipment allows us to perform our work efficiently on jobs of all sizes. It also allows us to meet your deadlines. However, our biggest strategic advantage isn’t in just our specialized equipment, it’s our employees, which bring over 15 years of experience to your job site.
We’re serial entrepreneurs with a diverse background in small business ownership since the year 2000. We own and operate the latest advanced equipment, which allows us to work quickly and efficiently on any project, large or small. No project is too difficult, and our results are always of the highest quality. We guarantee it!